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Meet our Board Chairman

Brad Foltman, Chairman:

 Mr. Foltman was appointed to the Board in the spring of 2008, was appointed as Vice Chairman in November of 2008 and as Chairman in November 2010.  Brad’s interest in serving on the Board of Commissioners extends from his many years in public service and his interest in giving back to our community.   

Brad started his career in the U.S. Coast Guard, where he served in the aviation maintenance group at the Travis City Air Station in Michigan.   After completing his active duty with the U.S. Coast Guard, he started his professional career which included over 30 years of Idaho state government experience in various administrative positions. His career included working in the Idaho Division of Aeronautics, the Idaho Department of Fish & Game, and then worked for over 20 years in the Executive Office of the Governor's Division of Financial Management, where he worked until his recent retirement as Director of that division.  Budgeting and public policy formulation and implementation were substantial parts of his administrative responsibilities. 

Brad’s undergraduate education was obtained at St. Louis University, where he earned a degree in Aeronautics.  He also holds two masters degrees from Boise State University, a Masters in Business Administration and a Masters in Public Administration. Brad is very grateful for the GI bill, which helped enable him to obtain his post graduate education.  At the time Brad obtained his masters degrees, 90% of his fellow students were also veterans!

Brad grew up in a rural environment, which has given him an appreciation for rural issues and values.  He enjoys hunting, fishing and outdoor activities.  Brad is also very interested in and passionate about aviation.  Brad has his pilot’s license and takes as many opportunities as he can to fly around the beautiful state of Idaho. He shares that the perspective from the air has given him a great appreciation for the beauty and environmental challenges facing our state.   Brad has been involved with aviation since he was in the US Coast guard, making it a life long passion form him.  He even recently restored an older airplane! 

Brad is also active in our community.  In addition to serving on the BCACHA Board of Commissioners, Brad also is currently serving on the Policy Board for the Idaho Non-Profit Development Center.  He has taught several classes in public policy and outreach to many of our state’s non-profit agencies. 

Brad’s interest in serving on the Board for BCACHA stems from the strong sense of connection he feels about the role of citizen involvement and the critical role it plays in our society.  He is very passionate about his feeling that the role that each and everyone at the Boise City/Ada County Housing Authority is critical to our success in the goals and mission of our organization. He feels strongly that housing programs are vital to the stability of the community.  He feels that with food, shelter and clothing being the three basic needs people have, that by providing a means for people to have shelter, you are not only providing them with a very basic need, but also are giving them a chance to succeed.    


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